MEP Coordination Services for Residential Apartment Project

Setup of MEP coordination services framework presents a significant challenge for complex Apartment projects. Today, residential projects are so complex that specialized contractors and consultants with experience are needed to execute them within the given budget and timeframe.

However, due to a lack of awareness of various digital tools available in the market, consultants and contractors often use semi-digitalized methods for executing MEP projects, in which design coordination is done through AutoCAD plans, while the most critical part, clash detection, is done manually.

This approach often results in identifying different service clashes during the execution stage, which leads to rework, time consumption, and cost overruns. Sometimes, the cost of this rework is so high that it negatively affects the project, resulting in cost overruns, time overruns, and reducing the profits of all parties involved.

MEP Coordination Using BIM Technology

In the construction industry, the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems of a facility can represent up to sixty percent of its total cost. Given this significant figure, coupled with the challenges of routing each of these systems, MEP coordination becomes a high priority in the Residential apartment design of constructions.

This coordination typically involves the trade contractors and other responsible parties such as engineers and VDC coordinators, who work together to integrate their systems into the apartment building. Traditionally, this process involved a time-consuming overlay of drawings to identify clashes and route the MEP systems.

With the development of computer-aided design (CAD), this process became faster and replaced the traditional approach. However, with the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, new processes have emerged that include clash detection and highly detailed visualizations, taking MEP coordination for Apartment project to the next level.

Some of the BIM software can be used for effective MEP coordination are Autodesk’s Revit, Navisworks, BIM360 Glue, Procore, Tekla, Trimble Connect, and more.

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BIM-based MEP Coordination Services for Apartment Projects

BIM-based MEP coordination services ensure that the MEP systems of the apartment project are designed, coordinated, fabricated, installed and construct correctly and efficiently. BIM coordination services facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders involved in the BIM construction project including architects, MEP engineers, general contractors, MEP contractors, and other trades.

The BIM Model allow all stakeholders a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of the MEP systems of building’s facility.

MEP Coordination Services - BIMPRO LLC USA

MEP Coordination Process for Apartment Project

The BIM MEP coordination process usually begins with the creation of a 3D model of the building, which includes the architectural, structural, and MEP systems. Each MEP system is then modeled in detail, including ductwork, piping, conduits, and other components.

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The model is then analyzed for potential clashes between different systems or components. These clashes are resolved by adjusting the position or configuration of the affected components in the model.

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Once the coordination process is complete, the final 3D model serves as a basis for generating detailed shop drawings, fabrication models, and installation drawings.

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  • Use Standard MEP Template

Use company standard MEP template for modeling which include MEP components.

  • Positioning MEP model with Architectural Model

Add architectural model coordinates to MEP model and positioning them by using the “Origin to Origin” approach.

  • Create Levels and Grids for MEP Model

Align the levels and grids of MEP model with the base model (architectural and structural model)

  • Create MEP Worksets

Creating worksets to show and hide the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection elements for better visualization.

  • Develop MEP-FP Model

Create highly detailed and accurate 3D MEP Model based on the required BIM LOD, BEP (If available), specifications, drawings, and client’s input.

  • Run Clash Detection

Run interdisciplinary Clash detection between architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection systems and generate clash reports.

  • Review and resolve

All clashes’ elements can be identified by their clash ID and that can be fixed in the Revit file. Some complicated clashes can be reviewed and resolved with the contractors and design team by generating RFI, clash reports and change orders.

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Benefits of BIM MEP Coordination Services

  • Clash Detection and Resolution – Identify and resolve the clash between multiple disciplines before the construction begins.
  • Optimum Space Utilization –  Optimal utilization of available space to maximize functionality of MEP design layouts.
  • Enhance Building Performance –  It ensures that all MEP components works seamlessly throughout the project lifecycle, facilitating energy efficiency, sustainability, operational effectiveness.
  • Save Cost Overrun – Resolution of clash errors in the early phase of design and construction can reduce the reworks, material wastage and facilitate the cost savings.
  • Streamline Construction Schedules – Facilitate smoother construction schedules by minimizing the disruption caused by clashes and delays.
  • Mitigate Risk – It provide safe working environment by eliminating hazards and ensure safety regulations, thus mitigating the risk associated with MEP systems during the construction and operation phase. 
  • Effective Collaboration – It provide a collaborative platform for all team members where they can communicate effectively to facilitate the smooth decision making process.


In conclusion, MEP coordination services are a critical method for apartment’s design and construction project. With the advent of BIM technology, MEP coordination has become more efficient and effective, reducing the risk of rework, delays and cost overruns. BIM software allows all stakeholders to work collaboratively on a project, identify potential clashes and solve them before construction begins. This results in a more streamlined construction process, better quality control and ultimately, successful project outcomes.