Shop Drawings Services

We provide accurate and detailed shop drawings services in Texas region and across USA to subcontractors, manufacturers, fabricators for steel, MEP, millwork, rebar, concrete.

Shop Drawings Services Facilitating Construction and Fabrication

Shop drawings are the detailed drawings that are prepared by subcontractors, fabricators, and manufacturers with detailed information such as LOD 400 level of detailing. We ensure that this drawings are delivered as per the industry standards, company standards, and client requirements.

This include geometrically detailed and accurate information such as exact dimensions, materials, finishes, hanger locations, penetrations, and other detailed about the building components which can be used further for construction, fabrication, and installation purposes.

Our CAD and BIM tools are highly efficient for any large or complex construction project and providing several benefits such as effective coordination and collaboration, reduce on-site wastage, save cost and time.


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Our Shop Drawings Services in Construction

We provide range of shop drawings in construction encompassing fabrication and installation drawings, isometric drawings, mark-up detailing, and more.

Structural Shop Drawings

Beam, column, joist, girder, purlin, concrete reinforcing, rebar, precast concrete.

Mechanical Shop Drawings

Create detailed 3D BIM content for Air Handling Units (AHUs), ductwork, diffusers, grilles, chillers, boilers, pipes.

Electrical Shop Drawings

Panels, switchboard, lighting fixtures, conduits, cable trays, and electrical devices, telecommunications.

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Pipes and fittings, plumbing fixtures, plumbing accessories, pumps, water heaters, and more.

Fire Protection Shop Drawings

Fire sprinklers, standpipes and fire alarms, smoke detector, emergency lighting.

Millwork and Casework Shop Drawings

Cabinets, counters, trim work, doors, and windows, bookcases, shelving units

Why choose our Shop Drawings Services?

  • We have deeper understanding of the project’s construction drawings, specifications, and addendums.
  • We specialize in preparing coordination drawings, and minimize the chances of clashes.
  • We have served multiple sectors such as Residential Educational, Commercial, Hotel, Medical Centers, and more.
  • We have helped contractors and subcontractors in saving cost & time and reduce waste of material on-site.
  • We participate in virtual meetings and on-site visits for better coordination and collaborations.
  • Deliver the most accurate and highly detailed shop drawings information in the 3D model.

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