Scan to BIM Services

Our Scan to BIM services deliver an accurate 3D modeling from the point cloud generated data (file format: RCP, EF7, etc.) of the existing building and structure.

Our point cloud BIM services are applicable to field related information management entities which in particular are project management, construction management, laser scanning firms, building owners, Architectural, MEP Engineering, General Contracting and Subcontracting firms and more.

Accurate and Detailed Scan to BIM Services

Our successful delivery of point cloud scan to BIM services spans numerous locations of USA and Texas but not only to HoustonDallasSan AntonioCaliforniaWashingtonNew YorkChicagoGeorgiaNew JerseyBoston, and Florida but across USA.

Additionally, our information rich vary as per client requirements and as per Level of Development (LOD). Afterwards, we create 3D model for clients for design planning, design development, construction documents, clash detection, quantity takeoffs, budget estimation, fabrication, installation, and facility

Benefits of Our Scan to BIM Services:

Our scan to BIM services makes it possible to incorporate any existing building into a BIM methodology and provide following benefits:

  • To begin with, we help in reducing the repetitive survey process by optimum utilization of point cloud data.
  • Further, we create model in order to avoid conflicts and clashes between the construction elements.
  • Along with that, we create parametric Revit families that can be adopted to project needs, thus enhancing productivity.
  • Ultimately, we provide a BIM model with high accuracy and precision with Level of Detailing (LOD) 100 to LOD 500.
  • Certainly, we follow standard document G202-2013-Project Building Information Modeling Protocol Form from AIA.

Process of Our of Scan to BIM Services

The process of our scan to BIM services proves to be extremely efficient when dealing with retrofitting and reconstruction projects as it not only saves a lot of field time in the survey but also save time in the office by using BIM software.


Initially we get a coordinate of point in the point cloud and to set the survey point in Revit with the same coordinates.


Not only we insert the point cloud to Revit but also ensure the point cloud is positioned at the same coordinates that were defined.


Subsequently we start the modeling by reorienting the building within the workspace and doing a visual inspection to identify and create the existing levels.


Furthermore, we add the geometry of the building element such as walls, floors, roofs, beams, trusses, HVAC, pipe, duct, fixtures, and more.

Scan to BIM Services for Renovation and As-built Projects

As-built modeling not only apply to historic projects but also to modern buildings and infrastructures of multiple sectors such as Hotels, Education, Multi-family Residential, Single-family Residential, Commercial, Manufacturing/Warehouse, Medical Center, Government, Bridges, Roads, etc.

Furthermore, we enhances facility management by producing efficient as-built model for any renovation and reconstruction project. Firstly, we understand the point cloud data of any historic and heritage building generated from 3D laser scanning technology and provide an accurate and detailed BIM model of all the measurements.

Our Scan to BIM Services Project in USA

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Scan to BIM Services is a process that involves converting 3D laser scan data (point clouds) of physical buildings or structures into Building Information Models (BIM). However, it’s a crucial step in digitizing and modernizing construction and facility management.

Point Cloud to BIM services provides a comprehensive and accurate representation of existing structures, helping in clash detection, renovation planning, space management, and also ensuring that new additions fit seamlessly with the existing environment.

The process involves importing point cloud data obtained from 3D laser scans into BIM software. Specialized software tools are then used to interpret the point cloud data and create 3D models of the building’s components, such as walls, floors, pipes, and electrical systems.

Commonly used file formats to convert point cloud to BIM model include Revit (RVT), IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), and DWG (AutoCAD).