BIM Services

Looking for top-tier BIM services in Austin, Texas? Our BIM Services can be utilized by various stakeholders such as architects, designers, MEP engineers, structural & civil engineers, interior designers, general contractors, construction management, subcontractors, building owners & facility managers, product manufacturers and more.

List of Our BIM Services in USA

Our list of BIM Services aim to deliver accurate and quality projects to our clients across AEC industry in USA.

Accurate and Detailed BIM Services Provider in USA

As a BIM Services provider in USA, we aims to deliver consistent accuracy and quality in projects with quick turnaround time. Thus adds value to our clients in maximize design and construction efficiency, mitigate risks, and cost savings.

Our BIM services spans at numerous locations across USA but not limited to Austin, Houston, Dallas, California, San Antonio, Washington, New York, Chicago, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, Kansas, and other states.

BIM Services for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry

Our BIM Services play a vital role and cover all the phases of design and construction that begins with initial planning and schematic design, progress through the detailed design development and creation of construction documents set, and extend to the execution of construction and As-built drawings.

Our experts are equipped with Autodesk’s BIM software suite including tools like RevitNavisworks, AutoCAD and more such as Revizto, Bluebeam etc.

Revit Drafting Services in Texas

Revit Drafting Services

Create detailed and accurate technical drawings, plans, and construction documents set using Autodesk Revit.

Architectural BIM modeling Services in USA

BIM Architectural

Specialize in offering 3D modeling and drafting services tailored to meet the precise Level of Detail needed for every phase of building design.

Structural BIM modeling Services in USA

BIM Structural

Craft precise Revit structural models imbued with intricate details, streamlining the design, fabrication, and construction phases.

MEP BIM modeling Services in USA


Create precise and detailed MEP-FP system models that align with the defined spaces and zones within the building's overall model.

BIM Clash Detection Services in Texas

Clash Detection Services

Implement a comprehensive interdisciplinary clash detection process and generate reports highlighting clashes, aiding in informed decision-making.

BIM Coordination Services in Texas

BIM Coordination Services

Deliver the utmost precision in coordinated BIM models through the application of our specialized BIM coordination process.

Scan to BIM Services in USA

Scan to BIM Conversion

Transform point cloud data from existing conditions into meticulously detailed and accurate As-built BIM models.

CAD to BIM Modeling Services in Texas

CAD to BIM Conversion Services

Offer CAD to BIM modeling services and convert 2D CAD files (.DWG) into the 3D BIM Model.

pdf to bim conversion services in USA

PDF to BIM Modeling Services

We offer PDF to BIM modeling and convert 2D files like PDF, sketches, 2D drawings, images into 3D BIM model.

Revit Family Creation Services in USA

Revit Family Creation Services

We create accurate parametric Revit Family with required Level of Detail (100-500) in minimal file size.

4D Construction Simulation Services in USA

4D Construction Simulation

Accurate and precise 4D model to simulate the construction activities and timelines of the project.

Shop Drawings Services in USA

Shop Drawings Services

Highly accurate and detailed shop drawings services to facilitate fabrication and construction process.

Delivered 500+ BIM Projects in USA

Our BIM portfolio includes various aspects of the project, including design, construction that integrate with a collaborative and coordinated process. Over the years of expertise have enabled us with an opportunity to achieve 500+ projects milestone and to diversify in multiple sectors such as Hotel, Multi-family Residential, High-rise Apartment, Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Industrial and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

BIM in USA is crucial because it is used to enhance efficiency, reduces errors, and minimizes project delays with its ability to optimize construction processes. It aligns perfectly with the demands of the dynamic AEC industry in the United States.

While BIM can benefit various projects, it’s most advantageous for complex, large-scale projects with multiple stakeholders and intricate designs. BIM can be scaled down for smaller projects, but its full potential shines in complex ones.

Popular BIM software tools include Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Tekla, Bluebeam, ArchiCAD, and Bentley MicroStation. Each offers unique features to cater to different project needs.

The future trends of BIM holds exciting possibilities, including increased use of cloud-based BIM, AI-driven design optimization, and enhanced virtual reality integration.

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