Revit Family Creation Services

We are located in Texas and our custom Revit family creation service are typically involve BIM content creation with defined geometry, parameters, and properties such as shape, size, dimensions, materials, functional characteristics.

We spans numerous locations across Texas and USA but not limited to Austin, HoustonDallasSan AntonioCaliforniaWashingtonNew YorkChicagoGeorgiaNew JerseyBoston, and Florida and more.

Custom and Parametric Revit Family Creation Services in USA with Accuracy and Details

Our custom Revit family creation services in USA deliver BIM content with an accurate and custom parametric BIM object that meet, cut sheets, specification sheets, specific design & construction requirements and standards.

This model may also include the manufacturers information, that can be used throughout the construction process and can also be used to manage the operations and maintenance of the building components.

Therefore, we at BIMPRO provide Revit family creation and maintenance services which can help improve the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of building design and construction by creating custom parametric BIM Objects.

Our BIM Content Creation Services in USA Includes:

This custom BIM content creation services can be used across USA by architects, engineers, manufactures construction professionals and building owners to accurately represent and simulate building components systems.
  • Architectural Revit Family
  • Structural BIM Content
  • Mechanical Revit Family
  • Electrical BIM Objects
  • Plumbing BIM Content
  • Fire Protection Revit Family
  • Furniture Revit Family 

Our Revit Family Creation Services

Our custom Revit family creation services are producing and maintaining various types of BIM content across multiple sectors of AEC industry such as residential, educational, hotel, healthcare, commercial, industrial, and more. 

We spans numerous locations across Texas and USA but not limited to Austin, HoustonDallasSan AntonioCaliforniaWashingtonNew YorkChicagoGeorgiaNew JerseyBoston, and Florida and more.

Architectural Revit Family

Create parametric 3D model for walls, doors, roofs, stairs, facades, ceilings, floors, furniture components, and more.

Structural Revit Family

Create accurate BIM object for columns (concrete/steel), beams, trusses, foundations, braces, and more.

Mechanical Revit Family

Create detailed 3D BIM content for Air Handling Units (AHUs), ductwork, diffusers, grilles, chillers, boilers, pipes, and more.

Electrical BIM Content

Create parametric Revit family for panels, switchboard, lighting fixtures, conduits, raceways, cable trays, wires, cables, and electrical devices.

Plumbing BIM Content

Create detailed 3D Revit family for pipes and fittings, plumbing fixtures, valves, pumps, water heaters, and more.

Fire Protection BIM Content

Create custom 3D object for chairs and seating, tables and desks, cabinet and storage units, miscellaneous furniture, and more.

Security BIM Objects

Create parametric Revit family for cameras, and more.

Technology BIM Family

Create detailed 3D Revit family control panels, sensors, room schedulers, wall box etc.

Audio Visual Revit Family

Create parametric BIM object for speakers, displays, microphones, projection screens, projectors

Our Process of Custom BIM Content Creation Services

Our streamline process for custom BIM content creation services develop parametric BIM objects, with accuracy and minimal file size.  The steps are defined below:

1) Define the Object’s Geometry

Create a 3D geometry of the object either by modeling it from scratch or by importing it from another software.

2) Define the Object’s Parameters

Add and configure various types of Revit parameters, such as dimensions, materials, and properties.

3) Add Custom Functionality

Add additional functionality and custom features to the family to make any specific adjustments.

4) Test Quality

We quality check the Revit family thoroughly and make certain changes if needed to meet specific guidelines.

Unlock your design potential with our Revit Family Creation Services!

Benefits of Choosing Our BIM Content Creation Services:

We follow step by step process to deliver Revit family with speed and accuracy in minimal file size and different file format such as .RVT, .RTE, and .IFC. There are following benefits of choosing BIMPRO for BIM content creation services:

We have an extensive knowledge and experience in creating accurate and functional Revit families.

We can customize the Revit families based on the project scope, specifications, and required Level of Detail (LOD).

Our custom 3D BIM object can be modified and scalable based on the design changes, saving time and resources for the project.

We produce high quality Revit content with minimal file size, adhering to industry standards. This can lead to efficient design and minimum errors during the construction process.

We make sure to create a Revit family that align with your project goals and objectives. This help improving communication and collaboration between project stakeholders.

We provide support and maintenance for the families to make sure they remain updated and functional throughout the project lifecycle.