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BIM Coordination Services

Our BIM Coordination services in USA aims to produce an effective coordinated model, reduce errors and rework, improve construction sequencing, and ultimately deliver project on time and on budget.

BIM Coordination Services in USA includes:

Clash-free BIM Model With Our MEP Coordination Services

It is always recommended to involve the BIM Coordination process in the early phase of design to mitigate the risk during construction. Therefore, we provide effective BIM MEP coordination services across various phases of design such as Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, and Construction.

We understand the Industry BIM standards and guidelines created by AIA, GSA, BIMForum, NBIMS such as BIM Execution Plan, BIM LOD, and more.

We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders in the construction industry. Our 3D Modeling (Revit) and 4D simulation (Navisworks) software develop the detailed BIM model which helps in identify potential clashes or conflicts before the construction begins.


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Our BIM Coordination Offerings Across USA

Our BIM services in USA includes BIM modeling and clash coordination services which we offer to multiple sectors such as hotel, educational, residential, commercial, healthcare, industrial and more. Our BIM coordination services spans at numerous locations across USA but not limited to Houston | Dallas | San Antonio | California | Washington | New York | Chicago | Georgia | New Jersey | Bostonand Florida. 

3D BIM Modeling Services

We provide BIM model that include detailed and accurate geometrical information about the building’s design, systems, materials, and components.

Clash Detection Services

We identify the potential clashes between multiple disciplines and MEP trades and generate clash reports, allowing project team to make correct decisions.

4D BIM Simulation

We combine 3D model data with scheduling data to create a simulation model that can be used to visualize and analyze construction sequencing.

MEP Coordination Services

We create coordinated MEP model and identify the potential interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary MEP clashes. Thus, reducing the risk of construction errors.

Coordination Meetings

We attend multiple coordination meetings both onsite & virtual for effective coordination and communication with the project stakeholders.

Onsite Coordination

We provide site visits to communicate construction model information to all stakeholders, allowing them to take corrective actions and resolve issues in real-time.

Our Strategic Process of BIM Coordination

Develop a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) based on the project scope, schedule and budget and outline BIM goals in project.

Our BIM modeling including architectural modeling, structural modeling, MEP-FP modeling and and these models are shared with all stakeholders to facilitate coordination.

Identify clashes between different systems or components by using BIM tools and resolve them before the construction begins.

Develop construction sequencing and scheduling plans in best order by using BIM tools that minimize delays and optimize efficiency.

Facilitate site coordination by communicating BIM model and construction plan in real-time, allowing for quick and effective decision-making.

Develop & update the BIM models with any changes made during the construction that can be used to maintain and operate the facility.

BIM Coordination Services in USA | BIMPRO

Why Choose our MEP Coordination Services?

We have a streamline BIM MEP coordination process that aim to facilitate design and construction workflow efficiently.

  • Develop a BIM Execution plan as per project scope and BIM standards.
  • Understand BIM LOD standards created by AIA amd BIMForum.
  • Flexible team to deliver project with quick turnaround time
  • Provide error-free and fully coordinated BIM model
  • Equipped with latest hardware and BIM software to deliver any complex project
  • Dedicated team to coordinate, communicate and collaborate with the project stakeholders
  • Run multiple quality checks to deliver peace of mind

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