Structural BIM Services

We are based out of Austin, Texas and provide structural BIM services in USA with an accurate 3D modeling services to produce final CDs set and to facilitate coordination and fabrication process.

Accurate structural modeling services to improve design, analysis and construction planning

We provide structural modeling services that allow structural professionals to streamline the design and construction workflow by connecting design, detailing, document, structural analysis, component calculations, 4D simulation, coordination, and fabrication, etc.

Our structural modeling services provide BIM LOD 400 level of detailing or shop drawing level of detailing so, structural designers and contractors can extract the structural shop drawings from the BIM model for efficient fabrication process on site.

our structural BIM model contains detailed and accurate information the building’s structural components, such as foundations, grade beams, columns, load bearing walls, slabs, floor and roof decks and supports, etc.

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Our Structural BIM Services Includes

Our structural BIM services provide a range of benefits to multiple sectors such as hotels, educational, residential, commercial, retail, industrial (manufacturing and warehouses), healthcare and more across the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries. We offer structural BIM across Texas and USA that includes:

3D Structural Modeling

Creating a detailed and accurate virtual model of the structure's geometry, materials, and connections.

Structural Clash Detection

Identifying and resolving clashes between the structural elements of the building during the and construction phase.

Quantity Takeoffs

Generating accurate quantity takeoffs for materials needed for the building’s structural components.

Structural Shop Drawings

Generate highly detailed and accurate shop drawings based on the 3D structural model, facilitating fabrication and installations.

Structural Simulation

Simulating and analyzing the behavior of the structural components, ensuring that they meet the required strength, safety and performance.

Structural Coordination

Coordinate structural model with other disciplines such as architectural, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing).

Construction Documents (CD’s) Set

Provide CD’s set with detailed structural drawings and structural specifications about the building’s structural components.

Benefits of BIM Structural Modeling Services

Implementing BIM services in the early phases of building’s structural design facilitating various benefits to structural designers, and structural engineers, and contractors.

Advanced BIM tools and techniques provide an accurate and detailed structural model, ensuring the safety and stability of the structural and facilitating efficient design and construction phase.

Cost associated with construction phase can be reduced by identifying and resolving the potential clashes of design. Thus minimize the errors before the construction begins.

Streamlined the design and construction process reduced the back-and-forth time, and optimize the productivity. Thus, leading to quick delivery of the project.

BIM provide centralized platform to collaborate between architects, engineers, and constructors to enhance the communication. Thus, ensuring all stakeholders are on same goal.

We at BIMPRO are fortunate enough to provide the benefits of structural engineering and detailing to our clients by delivering the project with quality and quick turnaround time.

Structural BIM Services in USA-BIMRPO, LLC-Pflugerville, Texas

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