CAD to Revit Modeling for Hotel Project in Florida

CAD to Revit Architectural Modeling for Hotel Project in Florida

We were engaged in a crucial role for a hotel project located in the beautiful state of Florida. Our expertise was instrumental in transforming traditional CAD drawings into comprehensive architectural models that played a pivotal role in the successful execution of this project.

Services Provided: CAD to Revit Architectural

Building Type: Existing Hotel Facility

Area: Approx. 200,000 sq.ft.


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Project Description: 

We meticulously converted the existing 2D CAD drawings and plans into 3D BIM architectural models for a 13-Story and 1 basement of existing hotel building in Florida. This conversion process not only enhanced the visual representation of the architectural design but also facilitated a more detailed and accurate detailing and drafting of the architectural elements. We have helped architects to achieve their design vision into 3D model where our commitment to accuracy, played a significant role in bringing this remarkable existing hotel project to life.

Detailing is a crucial aspect when converting CAD drawings to BIM. Here are the key detailing that were required in CAD to Revit Modeling: Accurate geometry, layer organization, element types, dimensioning & annotation, material and textures, levels and grids, tolerances, and more.

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