Revit Family Creation for Building Product Manufacturers

Revit Family Creation for Building Product Manufacturers

We have provided Revit family creation services for a building product manufacturer firm. Client requirements were to create multiple Revit family components for Architectural, Structural, MEP-FP and other disciplines. Major project scope was to create parametric Revit family with accuracy and meet the criteria of high level of detailing (LOD 400).

We have successfully delivered various Revit family categories in minimal file size (below 3mb) to facilitate fabrication, manufacturing of the building components. 

Client: Building Product Manufacturer 

Project Location: Texas

Area: Approx. 30,000 sq. ft.

LOD: 350 | 400 | 500

Software: Revit, AutoCAD


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Revit family creation services - BIMPRO LLC, USA

Revit family categories for Building Product Manufacturers are:

Casework: Cupboard, drawer, cabinet

Furniture: Chairs, tables, desk, sofa, bed

Lighting Fixtures: Lights

Plumbing Fixtures: Sink, water closet, hoss bib, bathtub, faucet

Special Equipment: Printer, coffee maker, dish washer, washing machine, kitchen hood

Toilet Accessories: Toilet paper holder, grab bar, soap dispenser, towel holder, hand dryer

Door and Window

Electrical Fixtures: Receptacle, switch, electric panel, fan, generator

Mechanical Equipment: Air conditioner, fan coil unit, chillers, air handling unit, roof top unit.

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